This type of discount is available only in PRO version.

There are few scenarios where you wish to set discounts based on Product tags. 

Would you like to provide such a discount ? Well, this guide might help you to avail discount based on the product tags.

All you need to do is a single click (enable) the relevant option from the Taxonomy Tab. 

  • Navigate to Woocommerce --> Woo discount rules --> Taxonomy Tab.
  • Enable (Click) on the Product Tag option. 
  • The tags will be loaded as categories in the rule setup(condition tab).
  • You can now create a discount for product tags using a specific category rule.

Let's see how to set a 20% discount for products containing the tag "stationery"

We have associated the tag "stationery" to a "Pen"

Screenshot of the product page where the tag is shown :

Navigate to Woo-commerce --> Woo Discount Rules.
Here, select Price based rule and click on "Add new rule".

General Tab :
Choose the method as "Quantity/category/product/user role based discount and BOGO deals"

Condition Tab:
Choose the Apply to --> Specific Categories and select "stationery".
Note : This tag will be visible only if you have enabled "Product Tag" from the taxonomy tab.

Discount tab :
I am setting a simple 20% discount

Here is a screenshot of the cart page indicating the 20% discount being applied.

Note :

  • This taxonomy tab is included only from version 1.7.12.
  • If you are using any previous version, please update the plugin to latest version.

Here is a Video Tutorial :

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