Do you want to know, what type of discount scenario most popularly used by store owners around the world ?

Here are a set of most commonly used Discount set up with more examples.

1. Bulk Discounts based on quantities:

Buy more quantities of products to get more discounts on each quantity

These are product level discounts, so users buy more in order to get a higher discount value. Display the discount table to make your customers aware of the range based higher discounts.

2. Subtotal Based - Tiered pricing:

Provide discounts based on the Cart subtotal.
It is not the number of products in cart but the Subtotal value of the cart.

Example: Cart subtotal 50$ to 100$ => discount 10%
                 Cart Subtotal 101$ to 200$ => discount 15%

3. Set Discount (Provide a Bundle price products based on Quantities):

Common Example:
Buy 3 products for $10
Buy 4 products for $12

You can set up a fixed price for a bundle of products based on the quantity purchase

4. Discount for First Orders (Registered Users only):

First time Users of your site will get a 10% discount on their First Order.

This discount scenario, let your customers to Register on your site to get the discount on their first order. This discount applies only when the User is registered and logged in to your site and purchase products.

5. Popular BOGO Discounts:

Users are always fond of "Buy One Get One Free" deals.
Ideally, there are 2 common BOGO deals. 

Buy X and Get X for free (Same Product free or a % discount)

Buy X and Get Y (Differect product for Free or a % discount)

6. Give Away a Product as Free based on the many Cart conditions:

What if providing a product as free on the cart ?

Examples: 1.Coupon Code "MerryChristmas" adds a product A into cart

      2.Subtotal over $500 gets "Watch" for Free                  

7. Enable Free Shipping:

How about offering a Free shipping to your users ?

Free shipping is almost popular all around. However, you can set a criteria to attain the Free Shipping option in that case you can see the sales increase by the way.

Click on Free Shipping on the above image to grab the rule set up guide.

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