Are you working with Composite products on your site using -> Composite products plugin ?

  • Composite product plugin, gives you built-in discount configuration for each of the Composite products separately.
  • Are you trying to use Discount rules plugin, for any of the simple products separately which is also in Composite products ?
  • In that case, you want composite products discount run undisturbed through that plugin and Discount rules wanted to work only for other simple products.

You will need to add the following code snippet so that the discount is applied on the individual Woocommerce products.

Click the below button to see the snippet.


Using this snippet, it is only possible to manage woocommerce products discounts.
Discounts on Composite products should be carried out only through that plugin.
It is Not possible to provide discount on the Composite product through our Discount rules plugin.

How to Add the Code Snippet:

Method 1: Easier (Recommended)

Using our compatibility plugin. (It's a useful plugin)

Method 2: 

Using the Code Snippet plugin.


  • You need to follow any one of the above methods (DO NOT follow Method 2 if you already followed Method 1)

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