"Each" is a very specific type of condition which allows to apply discount only when Each of teh specified products combination is available in the cart.

More or like a bundle product discount. We can cover up a discount scenario only when all the product specified are bought together.

Here we have come up with an example like, Buy  A Cap + T-shirt + a Backapack together to get the discount on all those products.

Let's see on how to set such a rule:
Navigate to Woocommerce --> Woo Discount Rules.

Here, select Price based rule and click on "Add new rule".

Step-1 : General tab

Specify a rule name and choose Dependent product based discount as your discount method. 

Step-2 : Condition tab

 Discount condition is that, if I purchase each Tshirt + Cap and Backpack together, you get 10% discount in all the 3 products

So the condition should be like

Buy = Each - More than 1
Product(s)  from = Tshirt, Cap and Backpack
Get discount in = Tshirt, Cap and Backpack

Step-3 : Discount tab

Choose discount type - Percent and set the discount value - 10
Save the rule. 

You can also provide a Fixed Price Discount on those product using "Fixed" option in the Discount tab.

Step-4 : Frontend demo

Here is a Video Tutorial

Quick Links:

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