Magazine Subscription (annual subscription with monthly shipping)

Let's take an example of a Magazine !!
Popular magazines like Readers Digest and Vogue are delivered every month, whereas their billing cycle is maintained annually.

Let's see how to create a shipping cycle for such a scenario in easy two steps.
Step 1 :
A simple subscription type is selected and the subscription price is set to "every year"

Step 2 :
Enable customer delivery schedules and set the delivery interval to "every month".

That is all!! We are done ;-)
Screenshot of product page when custom shipping is enabled. 

Note : 

  1. Setting an additional cost to subscription is optional. 
  2. What happens when checkbox "Hide Single Delivery Schedule in Store Front"  is enabled ?
  • The shipping option that is set will be the only default shipping option. 
  • All the other shipping options will not be displayed.

3. Can I change the radio button view ?
Yes. You can change from settings page.

Still unclear ?
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We are always happy to assist you :)

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