Tea Box  (annual subscription with flexible shipping schedules)

Let's take an example of a Tea Package !!
Tea package or milk cartons will have an annual subscription package.
However, the products can be delivered based on the customer's requirement.
Customers can choose his own shipping cycle.
This will be very helpful and appreciated because customers choose the package based on their needs.

Let's see how to create a shipping cycle for such a scenario in easy two steps.

Step 1 :
A simple subscription type is selected and the subscription price is set to "every year" and enable customer delivery schedules.

Step 2 :

  • Here you can include flexible delivery intervals using the Add option.
  • Click on "Drag and change position" to change the order of how it appears in the product pages.

That is all!! We are done ;-)
Screenshot of product page when custom shipping is enabled. 

Note : 

  1. Setting an additional cost to subscription is optional. 
  2. Can I change the radio button view ?
    Yes. You can change from settings page.

Still unclear ?
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