Are you looking to provide a discount like the scenarios below ?

  • Buy 3 for $10
  • Buy 6 for $20

 In short, this actually means, you wanted to offer 

  • 3 quantities of the same or different products for $10
  • 6 quantities of the same or different products for $20

Interesting part is, this set discount be applied on 

  • All Products in Store
  • Specific Products in Store
  • Specific Categories 

Note : This feature is available from 1.8.0 versions.
If you are using any previous versions, kindly update the plugin to latest version.
Click here to know on how to update plugin to latest version.

And you will need the PRO version 

Now, let's see how to provide set discount for all products in store like 

  • Buy 3 for $10
  • Buy 6 for $20

Navigate to Woocommerce --> Woo discount Rules.
Click on Price Discount Rules and hit add new rule.

General  :
You can provide Rule name and choose the method as "Quantity based by product/category and BOGO Deals"

You can set the Apply to --> "All Products" .

Discount Tab :
Choose the Adjustment type as "Set discount" and set the value.
As per my example, 3 quantities should be for $10. and 6 for $20 and so on

Here is a screenshot of cart page :

What happens when the cart contains 4 quantities ?
Simple, 3 products will have the set discount and 4th quantity will be for full price.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1) I want this set discount to apply for specific products/specific categories.
What should I do ?

Choose apply to --> Specific Products from Condition Tab .

2) I want this discount to be activated by a Coupon Code.
You can create a coupon via Woocommerce and associate that coupon in the condition tab of rule setup.

Click here for to know more about associating coupons.

What's Next ?

I have more questions ?
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We are always happy to assist you :)

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