We sometimes wish not to include certain products from applying a discounts.
In case of providing a store wide discounts but exclude a few products, it will be so hard only to select the products which has a discount.

We have come up with a easy settings to exclude the products from the discount.

Excluding products :

  1. Exclude Selected products (Product A and B).
  2. Exclude products are On-Sale.
  3. Exclude Categories

You can Exclude products from Both Price Rules and Cart Rules. 

You also can Exclude Categories from the rules which is only possible with Cart Rules

Let's see how ?

  1.  How to Exclude selected products from Discounts:

Price rules:

Example : Creating a Store Wide discount with 20% by Excluding products A and B.

Discount rules -> Price Rules -> Add Rule.

You can be able to Exclude product when using Quantity/Category/product/user role and BOGO deals method

Condition Tab:

When you are creating rule on All products, you can just Exclude products from the discounts, which will not be counted on the discount quantities and it will not get any discount.

2. Exclude products are On-Sale:

On-Sale products means which has a Sale price with Woocommerce product configuration.

When a product has a Sale price, it means that the product is On-Sale. You can easily exclude those product which has already a Sale price set in just a click,

You can tick the Checkbox in order to exclude the Sale items from the discount rule.

It is that simple, isn't it !

Cart Rules :

In cart discount rules, you can include this as a condition to be check.

For Exclude Products Example:

If 5 quantities of Category A is in cart apply 10% discount also Exclude Product A from category A

In cart conditions:

To Know More about Cart rule -> Examples on cart discount rules

Exclude Sale products:

If you also want to Exclude products which are in Sale Already (that is products which has a sale price in product configuration), include the condition as well.

3. Exclude Categories :

Exclude categories option is possible only with Cart based rules.
For example, you are trying to provide discount on All products in your store except a specific category A.

If your site has more number of categories it might be difficult to exclude the same. To Solve, this we have a condition "Exclude Categories" in cart rules.

Scenario: Apply 20% discount when subtotal of the Cart is 200$ exclude Category A.

The subtotal of count will be excluded for Category A :

Cart page:

Discount will not be applied even if the Category A exceeds subtotal 200$ in cart.

Discount will be applied only to the other category products when their subtotal exceeds 200$

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