Are you willing to provide discounts on specific products in store ?
Should these discounts be applied in the cart subtotal value ?

Well, you are at the right place :-)

Let's take an example :
Provide 10% discount in cart when Iphone or Pendrive is purchased. 

Add New Rule in Cart Discount Rules:

Go to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Cart discount rules .

Click Add New rule

Step-1 : General tab:
In general tab, give the basic details for your discount rule such as Rule name, Rule description.

Step-2 : Condition tab

In condition tab, choose 

Choose "Products in cart" condition and select the products. 

Step-3 : Discount tab

You can choose discount type as Percentage discount set the value as 10. 

Step-4 : Frontend demo:

Note :

  • The products entered in condition tab works as "OR" operation, meaning a 10% discount will be applied in cart if either Iphone or Pendrive is in cart.
  • In the discount tab, instead of setting percentage discount you can choose "Price discount" to provide a fixed price or choose product discount.

What's Next ?

  1. Discount Name to be displayed for Cart Discount Rules.

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