Common discount scenarios like provide 10% discount if you have previously purchased more than $1000 is possible via our PRO version of our plugin.

Pre-requisites / Requirements:

Purchase history can be validated only for a registered/logged in user

The ONLY way to establish and validate whether he is a first timer or a returning customer is "when he logs in"

Only when he is logged in, we can 

  • retrieve his previous purchase history
  • if there is a previous purchase, he is a returning customer
  • If there is no purchase, he is a new, first time customer

As a result, this discount scenario can only be run:

  1. When customer logs in
  2.  Only at the checkout

Let's see on how to create a price rule:
Go to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Price based rules -> Add rule.

General Tab :
You can provide Rule name and choose the method as "Quantity based by product/category and BOGO Deals"

Condition Tab:
You can set the Apply to --> "All Products".
In the Purchase history condition, you can choose the condition "Purchased Amount" and provide the amount.

Discount Tab :
Let's set a simple 10% discount.

Scenario 1 :
Provide 10% discount if all previous orders are less than $300.
In condition tab, choose the Purchase history as Purchased Amount --> Less than or equal to --> 300. 

Scenario 2 :
Provide 10% discount if the Purchase amount is more than 500 in the last 7 days.
In the condition tab, you can choose the Purchased Amount --> Greater than equal to --> 500--> in completed orders--> last 7 days.

You can also choose your own custom dates and provide discount.

Let's see how to create the same in a cart discount rule :

Scenario :
Provide 20% discount if the purchase amount is greater than 300.

Go to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Cart Discount rules -> Add rule.

General Tab :

You can provide Rule name and Rule description. 

Condition Tab :
Choose "purchased amount" condition and enter the amount.

Discount Tab :
Set 10% discount

Instead of choosing Percentage discount, you can set price discount as well.

Provide free cap when the previous purchase is greater than 500.
In the condition tab :
You can choose the same purchase amount condition and just adjust the value.
In discount tab, you can choose "Product Discount" and set the quantity.

Similar to price discount rules, you can choose your own previous order days from the dropdown.

Note :

  • While testing, make sure to have a user account that matches with the purchase history conditions.
  • Discounts will be applied only in checkout upon validating the email id. 

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