Common discount scenarios like provide 10% discount if you have previously placed more than 2 orders is possible via our PRO version of our plugin.

Pre-requisites / Requirements:

Purchase history can be validated only for a registered/logged in user

The ONLY way to establish and validate whether he is a first timer or a returning customer is "when he logs in"

Only when he is logged in, we can 

  • retrieve his previous purchase history
  • if there is a previous purchase, he is a returning customer
  • If there is no purchase, he is a new, first time customer

As a result, this discount scenario can only be run:

  1. When customer logs in
  2.  Only at the checkout

Let's see on how to create a price rule:Go to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Price based rules -> Add rule.

General Tab :
You can provide Rule name and choose the method as "Quantity based by product/category and BOGO Deals"

Condition Tab:
You can set the Apply to --> "All Products".
In the Purchase history condition, you can choose the condition "No. of Previous Orders made" and provide the order number.

Discount Tab :
Let's set a simple 10% discount.

Likewise, you can set a price discount or a product discount as well.

Scenario 1 :
Provide 10% discount if all previously ordered are less than 2.
In the condition tab, you can choose the purchase history condition as "Number of previous orders made --> Less than or equal to --> 2.

Scenario 2 :
Provide 10% discount if the Number of orders placed is more than 2 in the last 7 days. In the condition tab, you can choose the Number of Previous orders --> Greater than equal to --> 2 --> in completed orders--> last 7 days.

You can also choose your own custom dates and provide discount.

Let's see how to create the same in a cart discount rule :

Scenario :
Provide 20% discount if the number of previous orders is greater than 5.

Go to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Cart Discount rules -> Add rule.

General Tab :
You can provide Rule name and Rule description. 

Condition Tab :
Choose "number of previous orders made" condition and enter the value.
Similar to price discount rules, you can choose your own previous order days from the dropdown.

Discount Tab :
Set 10% discount.

Instead of choosing Percentage discount, you can set price discount as well.

Provide free cap when the number of previous orders made is greater than 5.
In the condition tab :
You can choose the same number of previous orders condition.
In discount tab, you can choose "Product Discount" and set the quantity.

Note :

  • While testing, make sure to have a user account that matches with the purchase history conditions.
  • Discounts will be applied only in checkout upon validating the email id. 

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