Consider the following scenario :
Provide Free T-shirt when subtotal reaches $200.

Ideally, the free product will be automatically added to cart.
But, in the above cases, you might want the customer to choose the size of free T-shirt. (Example : One customer might opt for Small size t-shirt, another customer might opt for Large size t-shirt)

Let's see how to set a rule for this scenario :
Navigate to Woocommerce --> Woo discount Rules.
Click on Price Discount Rules and hit add new rule.

Here is the example rule configuration :
General Tab -->
Condition Tab -->
Discount Tab -->

Note :

  • Discount will be provided only when user manually adds the product ¬†from product page to cart.
  • When a price discount rule is set, the free product price will also be calculated in the subtotal price.

Exclude Product Price :
To exclude the product price from being calculated, click on the below button to add add the snippet :

In the code, please replace the product id that should be excluded from calculating the subtotal (instead of 10, 24)

$product_ids_to_exclude = array(10, 24);//ENTER THE PRODUCT IDS to exclude from calculating subtotal

Where to add this snippet ?
You can add it via code snippet plugin (Easier and recommended)

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