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How to override the order summary block
How to override the order summary block

Learn how to customize your order summary table which you include in your email

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What is Order items summary ?
This table provides information about products that you have purchased and details of the same.

How to add Order items summary ?
Navigate to Woocommerce --> Email Customiser plus --> Choose any template.
You can see the order summary icon in block section.

Drag and drop the logo element in which position you want to insert.

Customise Order items table:
Order items table is fetched by using the element Order summary.

This retrieves the information from the backend orders page.

If you would like to customize the order items table appears in your email, you will have to create a template override and do the necessary  changes.

For Example:

If you are trying to remove the Payment method from the order items table to be displayed or trying to add any specific information into the order items table.

Which are the file to be overrided ?

To change anything in the table, create override for the following files below


Copy the above files and paste it under the directory path below :


Once the file are overridden to your theme folder, you can then edit the overridden file and make your changes.

Then Save the settings.

I have more questions ?
Please submit a support request. We are always happy to assist you :)

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