Buy 1 quantity of product A get 10% discount in 1 quantity of B
Buy 2 quantities of Product A and get 10% discount in 2 quantities of B.
and so on.

Discount applies on Product B quantities based on the quantities of Product A.

General Tab:

Configure your Rule name and additional description on this tab.
Make sure that you have the method "Quantity/category/product/user role based discount"

Condition tab:

You will have to add the Product A here using Specific Product condition.

Discount Tab:

Add multiple ranges to achieve increasing discount when the discount is increasing.

Choose "Cheapest in cart - Selected items" and choose the Product B here.

Min and Max quantities defines the Quantity of product A.
Item Quantities defines the Quantity of Product B.

Cart Page:

Here is how the cart page looks:

As there are 2 quantities of Product A in cart, discount applied only to 2 quantities of product B.

Similar scenarios:

What if you want only 1 quantity of Product B to get discounted when any number of product A is in cart ?

Just add only one range and with maximum quantity as a higher number of Product A.

You want to Auto Add Product B to cart ?

Check on this guide below:

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Still unclear ?
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