Turn your existing customers into brand advocates. Create a referral program for your existing customers and let them earn more points by referring to their friends.

Both advocates and their friends can earn points. The friend reward can be either points or a percentage / fixed discount or both.

Let see how these work:

  1. User A purchases on your store for the first time and the order is placed and completed.

  2. Then User A will be eligible to Refer their friends and earn points

  3. Existing Users can either share the Referral Url or the Referral code which will be available from their MyAccount -> points page.

  4. The New User with the referral code can earn points and also discounts with the code.

  5. The existing user receives the points only when the New User places an order.

Come on let us set it up in a minute's time:

Woocommerce -> Loyalty points and Rewards -> Referral

You can set it up in 2 ways:

  • Bonus loyalty points to both the Referral and the Referee.

  • Dynamic Bonus points based on rules.

Bonus points for Referrals:

Set directly fixed points to the Existing User who has referred and the New User with the Referral code or URL.

Existing Customer -> 200 points
New User -> 100 points

Dynamic Bonus points based on rules:

You can also award bonus points dynamically to both the sender (your existing customer) and their friend depending on the subtotal of their cart.

Based on the Cart subtotal create rules separately for both Referrer and the New User.

Existing User will receive the points only after New User places an order (When the status is Completed).

New User while making his first Order, check the cart subtotal condition when which the discount applies.

You can set up 2 types of points:

  • Fixed Points

  • Dynamic Points.

Instead of Points, you can also offer a discount for the New User.

Either a Fixed or a percentage discount.

How to set Discount to the New User (only on their first purchase with Coupon or Referral URL)?

Set discounts on top of the earned points for the New User for their First Purchase.

Example: You can run something like: You get 250 Points and your friend gets 10% off on their first purchase with the referrer code.

Share the Referral URL or Code to your friends and earn points for Sharing:

It is now become simple to share the referral codes by the user to their friends through Facebook, Twitter, and Emails.

Where to get the Referral URL or Code?

Login to the Site -> My Account -> My Points.

Users can share either the Referral code or the referral URL to their friends in order to gain benefits for both.

Referral code can be used as a Coupon code in the cart of the New User to avail of the discount on their first purchase.

Set Social Share points here:

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