Isn't this Catchy to show a Launcher on your store for the users to know more about the points and referral system.

Loyalty Points and Rewards plugin comes up with all new Launcher icon to your woo-commerce store.

Come on, let's get into this cool feature and learn how to set it up...

To Add more good points, we have a pre-set up of all the cards which will display the users what they want to see..

In Launcher, you can create 2 different visuals for 2 different users:

  1. Guest User (Signup card and a earn points card)

  2. Logged in user (Points card, Referral card and Review card )

Guest Users:

We have a Sign up card with which we have set up "Join Now" which takes users to the login form of your site.

Logged in Users:

  • If the user is logged in, they will be displayed with the Points which he/she has earned so far.

  • Referral card with the referral url and share links.

  • Card about other earning points option like Review card.

So, just enable the Launcher and you are All set !

Steps to Customize the Launcher as per your points and referral system:

Step 1:

Go to Loyalty Points and Rewards plugin -> Settings -> Launcher

Enable the Launcher here:

Launcher icon and Launcher Text:

You can set an image to the launcher icon to be displayed in the front end.

You can also change its Background color and the text color in the settings itself.

Now Click on the Customize button to enter into the customizer of the cards to be displayed in both guest and logged in user Launchers.

Step 2:

You can customize and then view the customization on the right side panel.

Launcher -> you can customize the Font used for the whole Launcher, the background color, Text color and the image of your Logo on the header. 

Step 3:

Appearance for Logged in User

  • Enable or Disable each card for the logged in users.

  • You can also change the alignment of the card like First , Second and third.

  • In each cards, already the short codes are set.

  • You can change the default icons on each card with your images.

Step 4:

Appearance for Guest users:

For guest user, who visit your site you can show up a link to register to your site to get more points and rewards with a Join now link and much more details about the benefits the user gets by shopping your site.

Customize the color and text of each cards with the help of the customizer.

Have more questions ?

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