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Why HTML content is showing in my email?
Why HTML content is showing in my email?

Learn how to sort out the visible HTML content issue in your email with a few simple checks

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Sometimes emails come through with HTML showing on your page.
This happens when an email with HTML content is sent through as plain text. 

Please go through each of these steps until you find the source of the problem.

First Check:

  • Navigate to Woocommerce --> Settings --> Emails.

  • In the content type section, you can see the email type for each of the templates. 

  • Click on the necessary e-mail template and change the email type to HTML. 

Check if the Auto Fix HTML is set to YES in our settings tab :

Check for Plugins Conflict :
We've seen several plugins that force all emails to be sent as either plain text or HTML cause this issue. Please deactivate your plugins and resend the email.
If it looks fine while other plugins are deactivated, then there is a conflict.
Try to narrow it down by activating your plugins one at a time to see when exactly the problem reappears.

Check Email Account :
Log into the email account you are using to send the emails from, and make sure there is nothing unusual there. Sometimes this happens when the sending email account is flagged as a spammer.

Check SMTP plugin :
Install plugins like WP Mail SMTP to avoid using PHP mail through your web host. If you are already using an SMTP plugin, try deactivating it to see if it is causing the issue.

Check "From Address":
Make sure that the "From Address" either matches your site domain or that it matches the address configured with an SMTP plugin.

Check Email Clients :

  1. Some mail systems will display HTML as plain text in certain cases (commonly anti-spam efforts). Try sending to addresses under different domains, and viewing them using different mail clients. This can show if the HTML is being displayed as plain text in all cases, or only in cases with certain providers.

  2. Certain mail systems will display HTML in emails as plain text if a Reply To address is not specified. You can give one using the "Reply To" button in your email's Form Action.

Still unclear ?
Please submit a support request. We are always happy to assist you :)

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