It is possible to choose different email templates for each product.

Navigate to Woocommerce --> Gift Press - Gift Cards.

Here, click on the E-mail Designer Tab and select a design.

Once this is chosen, you can see the options to customize the template.

Choose your desired colors and save the design.

Once you have saved the template you can start creating the gift card product.
Navigate to Products --> Add New.
Enter a Product Name and choose the product data as a Gift Card and enter the necessary details.

Here you can choose the email design. 

Click here for more details on creating a gift card product.

Now, when you purchase a gift card product, you will receive an email based on the template design you have chosen.

Note :

  • You can see a new template, Flycart Gift Card Email shown in Woocommerce --> Emails.
  • Emails will be sent based on the settings you have set. You can check from the settings tab.

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