Once you have started creating gift cards and selling it out to customers, there must  be an easy way to track down the available points and check the balance. 

This is made very easy in our plugin. 

When our GiftPress plugin is enabled, you can see a new page Gift Card Balance automatically created.

You can check this in pages section. (Pages --> All Pages) 

Here is a screenshot of storefront page :

Once you enter gift card enter your gift card number and click on check balance, you can see the amount being shown up.

What does add more Funds mean ?
Do you wish to add more balance to your gift card ?
In that case, you can click on add more funds.
This will take you to the gift card product.

Once you choose the gift amount, you can see the message indicating that the funds are added.

Once the order is placed and completed, you can see that the gift card amount being reflected.

In my example you can see that the gift card before adding balance is 150.
Once the order is placed, you can see the gift card amount reflected to 350 because I have added a $200 gift card.

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