What is Loco Translate?

  • It is a free wordpress plugin useful for translating your WordPress theme or plugins into a language other than the one it originally comes in (which is typically English).

Why Loco Translate :

  • It has a built-in translation editor.

  • Simple way to translate theme/plugin files directly from Wordpress Dashboard.

Let's take an example of translating Dashboard content :

Step 1: Installation and Activation :

  • You can search for the loco translate plugin from the plugin section. 

  • Click on Install now and activate the plugin.

Now that the LOCO Translate plugin is installed, let's start using it.

  • Navigate to Loco Translate --> Plugins --> Search for "Woocommerce Loyalty Points and rewards".

Step 2: (Only required if you dont see your language displayed in the Loco translate . If you see your language, you can skip this step)

  • Select Woo discount Rules and click on New language.  

  • Choose the installed language from Wordpress and choose the location as "language/loco/plugins/wp-loyalty-points-rewards-on_us.po".

  • Click on Start Translating.

Step 3: Start Translating 

  • Click on the language.

  • Find the text you want to translate

  • Select the text and translate and Save the translation

After translation:

Note : 

  • The translated texts will be visible based on the chosen site language.

Still unclear ?
Please submit a support request. We are always happy to assist you :)


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