It is very simple to switch from the older V1.x versions to the all new 2.0

Starting from Version 1.9.8, you will see a button "Switch to Discount Rules 2.0"
Just clicking this button will help you switch to 2.0.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have updated Woo Discount Rules to 1.9.8 before proceeding further


  • You can switch back any time.

  • All your rules, settings in v1.x are preserved and kept as is.

I am a PRO version user (Woo Discount Rules PRO):

The following instructions are for customers who are using the 1.x PRO version

Step 1: Click the "Switch to 2.0 Button"

Step 2: Install the 2.0 PRO Pack

You will see a popup to Download and Install the 2.0 PRO package. Click the "Download and Install" button. This will install the 2.0 PRO package and take you to the 2.0 dashboard.

Since 2.0, you need BOTH Core and Pro (2.0) packages installed and activated.

Why we made this change?

This arrangement is to avoid the confusion in the installation and upgrade process. Many users first install the core free version. Then purchase the PRO version and try to install it over the free version. Since both free and pro packages have same names, wordpress asks them to uninstall free and then install pro. As you can see, this is quite confusing for the end users.

As a result, starting from 2.0, we now have two packs: 1. Core 2. PRO.

I have trouble installing the 2.0: Alternative Method:

Sometimes, the popup might not open and a message might appear. This will occur if your license key is missing or expired.

In this case, please follow the steps below:

You will see that you will be taken to the V2 dashboard.

Here is a Video Tutorial :

I am a Free Version user (Woo Discount Rules Core)

In Free version, it is a very simple process. Just click the "Switch to 2.0" button.

Once you click on Switch to 2.0, you will see that you will be taken to the V2 dashboard.

Switching Back to V1.x

You can always switch between V1 and V2 by clicking on switch back to discount rules to 1.x

What's Next : 

Still unclear ?
Please submit a support request. We are always happy to assist you :)

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