Are you trying to update Loyalty points and Rewards plugin to 1.2.0?
Are you using versions 1.1.0 or below?

Then, you must make sure you click on the migrate option after installing the version 1.2.0 on the Loyalty points dashboard.

After updating to version 1.2.0 please navigate to Woocommerce -> Loyalty Points and Rewards plugin -> Dashboard -> Click on Migrate option

Once you click on the Migrate option, it will show you the number of items to be migrated based on the Expiry dates set for the previously earned points.

Again, click on Migrate button in the popup.

This will Migrate all the items/data from the old version to the New one.

Why should you migrate?

Expiry handling:

The previous versions of the plugin handle the expiry of points in a very simple manner. As a result, any adjustment made in the expiry settings affects the validity of the points earned previously as well.

We have improved it in version 1.2.0. When a customer earns a point, its expiry date is saved along with his points transaction. So even when you decide to change the expiry settings, it will not affect the validity of the points earned previously.

Besides, you will be able to edit the expiry date for points earned from your backend as well.

Enabling / Disabling Points at Product / Category Level:

Starting from 1.2.0, you will be able to disable awarding points to selected products or categories.

Preventing Points Redemption for Products / Categories:

Starting from 1.2.0, you will be able to set "Zero discount" for selected products / categories while redeeming points.

Earlier, this is possible only to a limited extent. Now you have complete control over limiting points redemption for selected products / categories.

Key points to note before installing 1.2.0:

  1. If you are using expiry option, then you need to use the "Migrate button" to ensure the Expiry is correctly set for points earned by your customers previously.

  2. If you have enabled or limited points based on products or categories, you may want to review those settings after upgrading to 1.2.0

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