When does this Import option useful?

  • To switching from other Points and Rewards plugin to Our Loyalty points and Rewards plugin - You can import the customers with their already awarded points to our plugin easily.

  • To add points to your existing customers.

How to Import the points and the customers?

Create a .CSV file including the customer points to import:

Also, make sure that you have the 2 fields in your csv file:

  • Email -> which has the customer's emails and column title should be user_email

  • Points -> points earned by the customer and column title should be points

Steps to Import:

You can navigate to Wocoommerce -> Loyalty points and rewards -> Manage Points -> Import.

Choose the file and import the csv using the Import option.

Now the points with the customers will be visible on your dashboard.

Additional information on the Update the points when customer already exists:

Yes option -> This option will replace the points from the .CSV you are importing. It deletes the points which is already present.

No option -> This option will ignore the duplicate entries in the .csv file.
That is the points will not be replaced.

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