Let's see how to display quantity based promotional message.

It will be helpful for customers, to know more about the discount so that customers can add the required quantities to avail the discount.

Note: This quantity based promotional message will be enabled only if you provide additional conditions based on item quantity.

Also, you can choose the pages of your choice on which the promotional message will be displayed. It can be shown in the following pages:

  • Shop page

  • Product Pages

  • Cart Page

  • Checkout Page

There are two steps in enabling this message.

  • Enable Promotion Message

  • Customize your message

Step 1: Enable promotion message:

You can enable this option from our discount rule settings page.

Please go to WooCommerce discount rules > Settings > Promotion > Condition based promotion > enable the Cart Quantity Promotion and save the settings.

Also, you can choose the pages where you would like to display this promotion text.

Step 2: Customize your message

Once you choose the quantity based promotional message from the settings, the minimum quantity requires to enable this message will be shown in the rule set up.

So as per my rule setup, the promotional message of "Buy {{difference_quantity}} more products and get 10% discount" will be shown when the cart has a minimum of one quantity.

Also, note that once the specified threshold (ie 4 quantity) is reached, the messages will not be displayed.

Below are few example screenshots when cart contains one quantity:

Screenshot of Shop page :

Screenshot of product and cart pages:

Frequently Asked Question:

1. Is it possible to change the color and style of a promotional message?

At the moment it is not possible to customize the promotional messages.


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