There are multiple reasons to update your user points through backend.

You can be able to Add or Reduce points and also delete a user from the loyalty points system.

Navigate to Loyalty points and Rewards plugin -> Manage points tab.

User's who have already earned points after installing our plugin only will be listed here. If you have existing user's who hasn't earned point through our plugin, then you will have to use the Import feature to add points.

You can search for the customer with the email address of the user and then enter the points for the customer and Click on Update.

You can also use the delete option to delete the customer from the points table from loyalty points plugin.

Note: Once the user is deleted all the points and points history will be deleted for that particular user. This also deletes the referral url for the user from the My-Accounts page.

User will start earning points only from the next purchase.


Is it possible to search user with phone numbers?
No, it is not possible to search user with their phone numbers as we store all the users only with their email address. You will have to use their email address to serch.

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