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How to create campaigns with multiple offers
How to create campaigns with multiple offers
Learn how to create campaigns with multiple offers in Checkout Upsell Offer in WooCommerce
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Let's take a look at how to create a WooCommerce Checkout Upsell Offer / Order Bump offer.

Go to your WordPress dashboard -> Checkout Upsell -> Campaigns -> Click on the “Create New Campaign” button to create a campaign

You will see a screen like below (Create New Campaign):

Give a title to the campaign and click on "Add offer"

Configuring an Offer:

The most important part of the document is the offer, which may be created in a few easy steps.

Just something like this: Select the product -> give discount -> set Offer Usage Limit (optional) -> then Save it.

Let's look at the process to create an upsell offer in detail:

The following page can be seen on the "offer" page:

  1. Offer details

  2. Template contents

  3. Template styling

    Offer details:

First, select which product/variant do you want to promote as an upsell at the checkout.

STEP 1: You can select an offer product and enter a quantity.

STEP 2: The following discount type and discount value can be selected.

  • Percentage:

    Choose this option if you want to provide a percentage discount on the upsell offer product. Example: 10% off on Cap.

  • Fixed Price:

    Otherwise you can choose a fixed discount for upsell products. Example: $10 will be reduced from the product value.

  • Free:

    Product will be given as free.

  • No Discount:

    The product does not have a discount; however, it will be displayed on the checkout page.

STEP 3: (Optional)

Offer Usage Limit:

This count refers to the number of users to which the discount applies. Something like early-bird offers for the first 10 users or 100 users. You can leave it as empty for unlimited scenarios.

Offer Used and Views:

This will show the total number of customers who have used and viewed the offer.

Template contents:

The upsell product can be customized by modifying the text and image.

Template styling:

You can change the font size and colour, as well as the background colour, border size, and other section-specific elements such as the title, description, and CTA section.

Additionally, you can also select any one of the four templates provided.

Note: Changes made to "Offer Products" will be immediately reflected on the "Offer Preview".

Similarly, we can add a maximum of 5 offers to a single campaign.

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