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Learn about the various front-end display options available with the setting page.

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Let's explore the options on the settings page and their functionality.


On this settings page, you will find the following options:

  1. Licence

  2. Campaigns

  3. Offer

  4. Compatibility

You will be presented with the following screen:


Enter or paste the licence key into that field and press the Verify button.

Make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces.

Note: A licence key is required to receive automatic updates.


Number of campaigns list per page:

The number of campaigns that should be presented on the "Campaigns page" can be specified here.

Campaigns page:

As a result, the number set on the settings page will be displayed, and the remaining campaigns will be displayed on the next page.


1. Enable permalink on product title and image:

If we enable this option, customers will get redirected to the respective single product page while clicking on that product in the checkout page, so they can view the particular product in detail.

For example: When you were on the checkout page, and when you clicked the campaign that pointed you to a specific product page.

Redirected to the specific product page:

2. Offers display location:

Using the offers displays location drop-down menu, you can select any of the options where the campaign should be displayed.

  • Before Payment Gateways:

  • Bottom of the Checkout Page:

  • Before Place Order Button:

  • After Place Order Button:

3. Offer discount calculated from:

You can set whether the discount can be calculated by regular price or sales price for an upsell offer product.

  • Regular price: Product price

  • Sales price: Discounted price

4. Maximum number of offers a customer can pick at a time:

You can set a limit on the number offers a customer can avail at the checkout. This is particularly useful when you have multiple offers displayed.

Example: Let's say, you have 2 upsell offers displayed at checkout. And you want to limit the customer to avail only one of them.


Compatibility: Woo Discount Rules v2

  1. Apply only Offer discount:
    If a product has both discount (discount via Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin and Offer via Checkout Upsell plugin) and if we choose the above setting, then Offer via Checkout Upsell plugin will be applied exclusively, by ignoring the other discount.

  2. Apply both Offer and Discount rules discounts:
    While choosing this option, both offer and discount will be applied together.

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