WooCommerce Quickbook payment integrates Intuit Quickbook API with WooCommerce Wordpress eCommerce solution. Our plugin accepts payments from major credit cards on your WooCommerce website with Quickbook payment gateway. This document will show you how to setup and configure the extension to work with your Intuit Payments or Intuit QBMS account.


  1. Download the extension in .zip format.
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and select the ZIP file you just downloaded
  3. Click Install Now, and then Activate
  4. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout and read the next section to learn how to setup and configure the plugin.

Where to find App token, company ID, consumer key and consumer secret key for your sandbox account ?

Creating intuit app

First you will need to create an intuit account to setup a connection app with intuit. You can create a new one by going here or else login with your existing account if you already have one.

1. Login with your existing account and click on My Apps and then click on Create new app.

2. Click on Select APIs

 3. Check the box “Payments” as the API type, then click “Create App”.

4. From the resulted page, click on “Settings” and make sure about the following points: 

  • Make sure the “QuickBooks Payments” API is selected and do not select “QuickBooks accounting”.
  • By default the app is named with Untitled. Rename the app with your own name. 
  • Select the countries from where the connections should be accepted.
  • Click save.

5. Once you completed filling all the information, navigate to the tab Keys and copy the App token, consumer key and consumer secret key.

Finding company ID

6. Now go to your account and click on sandbox. You would see the list of companies that you have added already. Note down the respective company ID.

Plugin settings

Enable / Disable

This will enable the gateway to be used by customers to checkout.

This is the text shown for the payment during checkout and on the Order Received page.

This is the text shown under the title during checkout. Limited HTML is allowed. 

The below details (which are mandatory fields to connect with Intuit Quickbook app) can be obtained by following the steps above: 

Application Token
This is the token key associated with your Quickbook app. You could find this token key by following the steps given above.

Consumer Key

Enter consumer key associated with your Quickbook's live account.

Consumer Secret

Enter consumer secret key associated with your Quickbook's live account.


Enter company ID associated with your Quickbook's live account.

After filling above parameters, click on Quickbook connect button to connect with intuit Quickbook app.

OAuth Access Token and OAuth Access Token Secret

These two parameters will be auto filled once you connected to Quickbook app by entering above parameters (App token, company ID, consumer key, consumer secret) with valid data. 

Quickbook Sandbox

Quickbook offers sandbox feature for testing purpose. If you would like to use Sandbox account to test, check the box Enable Quickbook sandbox.

And then fill the consumer key, consumer secret and company ID by following the instructions given above. 

Click on Save changes.   

Then, you will see the Quickbook connect button. Click on this button to connect with Intuit Quickbook app.

Once connected the OAuth access token and secret token will be auto filled. 

Here are the screenshots

Payment button text 

Text entered here will be added as the name of the payment button.

Debug Log

Choose YES to enable debug mode. It will generate the log file to check either you are having issues or correctly processing transactions. It also log API requests / responses directly to the checkout / thank you page. All debugging messages are cleaned of sensitive information before display, but as a best practice, please do not enable this unless you are having issues with the plugin.

If you wants to reconnect the quickbook app, all you have to do is empty the OAuth Access Token and OAuth Access Token Secret and save the changes. You will see the Quickbook connect button again.

Frontend Screen shot

Refund process via Quickbook payment


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