Provide a discount based on cart line items. When cart contains more than 2 line items then give a product discount. The product for discount is Shoe, Quantity of the product for discount is 2.

Rule Set up screen:

Here is the cart screen, when the discount applied.
When cart has 2 line items, then 2 products will automatically added to the cart as a discount.

Price Range:

With the price range you can select which product has to be discounted in the Cart.

Enter Get Quantity: Allows you to specify how many quantity you want to give as discount.
Range: Select Lowest or highest ranged product for discount.
From: You can select either you want the product to be discount from the cart or all the product in the store or in a specific category.

  1. When 1 quantity of lowest priced product from the cart has to be discounted:

2. When 2 quantities of lowest priced product has to be discount from a specific category A. This discount will be applied when that category is in the cart.


3. When any 2 Lowest priced products in the store has to be discounted when there are 2 line items in the cart.

This rule choose any 2 of the lowest priced item from the store and add automatically to the cart when the cart has two line items.



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