Are you trying to set up dynamic discount rules for your WooCommerce site?
If so, you are at the right place.  As the name goes, the WooCommerce Dynamic Discount Pricing Deals plugin offers a way to set up BOGO deals.
With this plugin, setting up Buy One Get One promotions is as easy as ABC, with the friendly interface that this plugin offers.
You can choose to set up Product based or category based discount rules.

Installation and configuration

You can download the plugin  from here and install it over your WooCommerce Site using the default installer:    

Post installation, activate the plugin  and you are all set to create BOGO discounts for your products.

How to create a BOGO deal for your products?

  • Navigate to Woo BOGO Deals->Add New.
  • You can choose the method of BOGO deals you wish to set up. There are two options available namely Buy X Get X, Buy X Get Y.
  • If the Buy X Get X option is chosen, you can set up rules for specific categories, all categories, specific products and all products.
  • If the Buy X Get Y option is chosen, you can set up product-specific and category-specific rules.
  • Once the method and type are chosen, you can add the products or categories for which you would like to set the rules for and set up the quantity range required for availing the discount. 
  • Now after adding the products or categories, you can set up the criteria for the Get part. You could either choose the product option or the price range option. Example: Buy a shirt, Get a Cap free or Buy a shirt, Get 10%off.        
  • When you choose the option "product", you can add the product which you wish to offer when the Buy condition is satisfied.
  • When the price range is chosen, you can set the discount amount that is to be applied when the buy condition is satisfied.
  • You could also choose from highest priced or lowest priced products from among the cart or all products or the categories.

Step by Step guide for creating a rule


An example BOGO Deal:


  1. Buy from X get a product free from X

    2.  Buy from X get product free from Y

  3. Buy X Get X-Recursive Discount

4. Cheapest item in the cart free

5. Buy 3 Get 1 free from specific category

6. Buy X Get Y- cheapest free from category

7. Buy X Get X free from specific products

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