Sometimes you may want to limit the discount to products from one or two categories alone.
The free product can be either a few selected products or it could be from the same category or a different category.

The steps below explains the following discount rule:

  • Buy X quantity from Category A and get X quantity of Product A free (The step below explains this scenario)

 Possible variations of the discount scenarios are (See FAQ for example screenshots

  • Buy X quantity from Category A and get X quantity of cheapest products free from Category A (same category) 
  • Buy X quantity from Category A and get X quantity of cheapest from Category B

 Let's create the rules

The following is an example of the rule set up to buy 4 products of the same category and to get 2 quantity of a specific product for free.

General  :

Order: You need to provide the priority of this specific rule.
Rule Name: Provide a rule name.Here it is "Buy 4 get 2 free of the same category"
Rule Description: Provide 2 line description of the rule
Method: It is "Quantity based by product/category and BOGO Deals"


Next here, You need to set up the discount conditions.

Apply to: Here it is "Specific Categories" as we are trying to give discount for quantity of the specific Category. Select the Specific product in the drop down. Here it is "Watches"
Customers : All
User roles: You can choose it accordingly if you wanted to provide this discount for any specific User groups. Here in this example it is for all Customers and User groups.

Discount tab:

Minimum and the Maximum Quantity:
Here it is 4 quantities as the rule is when user buys 4 watches he will get 2 products free. Fill Min and Max Quantity as 4.
Adjustment type: it is product based as it is product discount.
Apply for: Select More than one cheapest from selected, which takes the selected product which we wanted to give it for free.
Choose Dynamic Item Count: 2 to get 2 free products.
Then select the product which you need to give it for free. Here it is "Keyboard".
And it is 100% discount on keyboard.
Then Save the Rule.


Here is the Cart display when the rule is applied. When 4 watches are purchased 2 keyboards are given for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to provide X quantity as free from Category B when customer purchases X quantity from Category A?

Instead of selecting the specific products, you can choose to apply for: More than one cheapest from selected categories as well

In the conditions tab, make sure to select the Category A (or more)

In the discount tab, create ranges like the below.  

This means, when customer purchases 2 quantities from Apparels category, he would get 1 cheapest product (which he added to the cart) from Accessories category free.
If he buys 4, the customer would get 2 items (each 1 quantity) from Accessories category free.
You can configure more ranges.

Important: The customer has to add the products from the Accessories category. The free products would not be added to cart automatically (because that would require quite an amount of system resources.)

2.   How to provide a free products from the same category when customer purchases from Category A.

Simple. See the FAQ 1 above. In the discount tab, choose the Apparels category instead of a different category.

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