The article helps you understand how to provide a bulk discount based on the purchase by the customer

NOTE: You need the WooCommerce Discount Rules PRO to add this discount to your online store.

Possible Discount Scenarios:

  1. Buy X quantity of any products from Category A and get 25% discount on any products in Category B (or C, D, and E)
  2. Buy X quantity of Product A and get 25% discount on any products in Category B  

Let's learn how to create these discount scenarios.

The following example is based on: Buy 10+ items from Category A and get 25% discount on any products in Category B

General Tab

Conditions Tab

Make sure you check the box to count cumulatively. Otherwise, it would be mean each product from the category A should be bought in 10 quantities to apply the discount.

Discount Tab

Choose the adjustment type as Product discount and apply it for More than one cheapest from selected category.

Notice the setting: Dynamic Item count.
This would mean the discount applies to any number of items from the Category A. Whether the customer purchases 1 quantity of Backpack from Category B or 99 Backpack of Category B or 2 quantity of Backpack, 2 quantity of Cap,  the discount of 25 % would apply.


The customer purchases 5 Denim Jeans and 6 Gray Tshirt (11 quantities from Apparel category)  and gets 25% discount on the Backpack

The customer would get 25% discount whether he adds 1 Backpack or 4 quantities of Backpack (or any products from Accessories category)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can i restrict the discount to only 1 quantity of a cheapest  product from Category B ?

Make sure that you set the Item quantity field to 1.

Now the customer can only get 1 quantity of a cheapest item from Category A 

2. How can i provide 1 quantity of each item from the Category B with 25% discount

Change the Dynamic Item count to Fixed Item count.

Notice that we have chosen the Fixed item count.
And the Item count is set to 1.
And the item quantity is set to 1

This means the customer would get 25% discount for 1 quantity of each product he purchases from Category B

As you can see, the customer gets 25% discount on 1 quantity of Backpack and 1 quantity of Wallet.

3. How to provide 25% discount on a category when customer purchases Product A

In the conditions tab, choose the condition as: Specific Products

This means, when a customer purchases the CAP product, he would become eligible for 25% discount on products from Category B.



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