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Does your Woocommerce Store has products under specific Brands ?
For Example: Brands like Levis, Addidas which are separated on different categories.

We provide compatibility for 2 of the Brands plugin:

  • Woocommerce Brands (official plugin by woocommerce)
  • Perfect Woocomerce Brands (By Alberto de Vera Sevilla)

If you have created the Brands in woocommerce and wish to provide discount on those Specific Brands alone, then you can use the below code snippet to make it compatible with our plugin.

The Key of this compatibility is, the Brands created on your store will be loaded as Categories in the Specific Category option in Discount rules. Using it you can create Brand based discounts.

Woocommerce Brands:

Click the below button to get the code snippet

Perfect Woocommerce Brands:

If you are using Perfect woocommerce Brands plugin, the taxonomy differs. Use the below code snippet to make it compatible with our plugin.

How to Add the Code Snippet:

Method 1: Easier

Using the Code Snippet plugin  - Its a free, useful plugin

Method 2: 

Adding the code snippet to your theme's functions.php file 


  • When this code snippet is added, the brands will be loaded as categories in the rule setup(condition tab)
  • You can now create a discount for Brands using the specific category option.

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