This discount scenario is suitable if

  • You want to provide a fixed / percentage cost, conditional discount
  • Discount is given only when X quantity of Product A is purchased
  • You know which products get discount on what condition

Check the following guides as well

In the following scenario, the store owner offers a discount $10 for the product "MIrror" if customer buys  quantities 3 from the product Clock.

Step-1 : General tab

Since the product gets discount based on the purchase of another product, the discount method you will have to choose should be Dependent product based discount.

Step-2 : Condition tab

Set the discount conditions like

Buy = Any - Equal - 3
Product(s) from = Watches
Get discount in = Wallet

Step-3 : Discount tab

Set the discount value $10 for the product Mirror.

Step-4 : Frontend demo 

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