Let us See what is a Sale tag and how to enable it with our Discount Rules Plugin.

What is a Sale Tag ?

When a Woo Commerce product is on sale, a tag is placed on top of the Product Thumbnails. The default label for this tag is “Sale!”.

As if you have a wide collection of Products on your Store, you would like to highlight the Products which you have it on Discounts. So there by it automatically increases the sale.

How to enable it from Our Discount Rules Plugin ?

To enable it to be shown on the Product page for which you have created the discounts for, you will have to enable it from our settings.
You can go to Woo Discount Rules -> Settings.

However, you can be able to see the Sale tag in the product page only when the Discount rules matches in the product and the cart page.

NOTE: Customization of the Sale Tag is not yet possible with our plugin. As we just enable the sale tag from the Theme to the products we have on discount.

Why Customization of Sale Badge is not possible with our plugin ?

 Because by default, WooCommerce only echoes "Sale!"

The sale tag probably is customized within your theme.

Your theme author would have used a custom method to add that 100% to the sale tag.

Usually themes override this to customize .
Example: https://www.cloudways.com/blog/change-sale-badge-text-in-woocommerce/

You may want to contact your theme author and ask them to just echo Sale instead of a % value.

Quick Links:

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