Woo Discount Rules

Woo discount rules is a simpler add-on developed for WooCommerce to apply discount rules based on cart quantity, item quantity, sub-total and more. Following adjustment rules will be possible with Woo Discount Rules:

  • Category specific discount on product price / All categories based
  • Buy One Get One Free (BOGO Deals)
  • Date based discount on product price
  • Item Quantity based discount on product price
  • Cart subtotal range based discount on cart total
  • Number of
  • Total Sum of Item quantities
  • Shipping address based discount rule

Where to find your license key ?

Login and Go to My Account > My Downloads where you can find your license key. Refer below image

Where to enter the license key ?

After installing the plugin, go to Woocommerce > Woo Discount Rules

Navigate to settings tab

Enter your unique and valid License Key in the text box named License Key


How to upgrade free version to PRO version ?

  1. Enter your unique license key in the text box under Woocommerce > Woo Discount Rules > Settings tab
  2. Click on Validate key
  3. Once it validated your license key and if your key is valid, the notice will be displayed.
  4.  At top of the plugins page (Wordpress dashboard > Plugins), it says that You are using CORE version. Please update to PRO version.
  5.  It will also display the Update available notification in the plugins update section. Click on Update now to update free version to PRO.

Video tutorial

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