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This Rule allows you to create, discounts for specific User groups alone.
So, if you like to provide a discount only for the "Whole-Sale Customers" with a percentage discount or a price a discount. You can just create a rule choosing the User Role in the drop down of the price rule and it just gives the discount for those user group alone.

Price Discount Rule for particular User Role, for example : "Subscriber"

Creating percentage discount for all products in effective to a User role base
General tab:

Condition tab:

You can able to provide discounts with respect to specific products or specific categories or all products for specific user roles.

If you like to give a store wide discount for a User group, for example of 20% discount in all the products in the store for "Subscriber".

Or for specific Categories:
You can select specific categories alone which you need to provide the discount for.
Here we have chosen 2 categories for a same percentage discount"Accessories and Apparels". The "Subscriber" User Role will get 20% discount in both these categories.

(You can also create separate Rules for Accessories with 20% discount and Apparels with a 30% discount for a single User Role "Subscriber")

Discount Tab:

Providing with a percentage discount when 2 to 10 quantities are purchased then give 20% discount.

So This rule will apply only to those specific User role.

1. How to associate a Coupon Code with a User Role Based Discount:

First you need to create a Coupon code from Woo commerce coupon and then you need to associate it with the discount rules - (Activate coupon code)
Once you created the Coupon, then you need to create the User role based discount associated with the coupon code created by entering the coupon code here "SEASONAL". This allows the provided discount when the Coupon code is entered in the cart and also for Subscriber user group.

2.How to give discounts to specific Users alone ?

You should choose the Users you need to provide discount to here:

2. How to create User Role based discount in Cart ?

To provide a cart discount for a particular User Role. Edit the Cart Rule

Cart Conditions:

If you want to provide a price or percentage discount for a specific user role in the cart items, you can just select the User role from the list and the provided  discount will be applied in the cart for that User group alone.

You can also add many conditions to the cart including the User Role added. Like to have the discount should apply only when the cart has specific categories, subtotal at least.


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