These rules can be applied to both cart discount rules and price discount rules.
It is an effective way to make customer buy more products which in turn ends up to more business.


Now, Let us see with an example.
If the cart value is between 300 - 1000 then 10% discount will be applied.

  • Go to Cart discount rules and provide a suitable rule name and rule description in the General Tab.
  • Specify the type that matches according to the requirements in the Condition Tab. For my example, Since it is a range, I have given two conditions.. Subtotal atleast and subtotal less than.
  • Add the discount type in the discount tab. 

Here I am giving 10% discount.

Cart View:
10% discount applied since the value is within the range of 300-1000.


There are different condition types to choose.

  1. You want to enable free shipping to customers purchasing from particular city. 

      Choose the type billing city and enter the city.

2. You want to enable free shipping to customers from particular state.
     Add two conditions. One for the country and the other one for the state.

3.  Discount types can be 

  • Percentage discount
  • Price discount
  • Free shipping

4. If Free Shipping is specified in the discount then make sure to enable Free shipping in the Settings Tab.


Subtotal based discount can be applied for Price based Rules too.
The difference in using Price based rule is that, you can only enter a value and not a range.
10% discount will be applied in the product if the subtotal value is atleast 200. Attributes can be specified accordingly in the condition tab.

Cart View:
10% discount applied since the subtotal is greater than 200.

If the subtotal is $500 then product X is given as free.
In the condition tab, add the subtotal amount and in the discount tab, set the adjustment type to product discount.

Specify the product and free quantity and set to "100% percent".
Cart page:

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