Are you trying to offer an automatic discount based on the basket subtotal. Use this module for store-wide sales and high purchase discounts.

Let us see, few scenario's based on the subtotal based product discounts.

Example 1:  If the subtotal is $300 then product X is given as free.
In the condition tab, add the subtotal amount and in the discount tab, set the adjustment type to product discount.

Go To Price Discount Rules:

General Tab:

Discount Condition Tab:

Discount Tab:

Specify the product and free quantity and set to "100% percent".
Cart page:

Example 2:

If the subtotal reaches $300 then get 2 of Product A and 2 of product B in cart:

The Free quantity that you provide will take effect with all the products specified in the product selection.

So, when the cart reaches 300$ then it automatically adds 2 quantities of Belt and 2 quantities of cap in the cart.

 If the subtotal reaches $300 then get product X or Y  as free.

With this rule, customer can choose either Product X or Y as their choice of the free product.
This will be very much useful when the free product is a variable product.
So, they can choose any one variant for free.

That is the discount will be applied to the product which customer has in his cart, you can limit the free quantity as well.

If you are trying to provide a price / or a percentage discounts in the cart, then follow this guide -> Subtotal based cart discount.

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