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Email Customizer Plus for WooCommerce
Short codes supported in the email customizer plus
Short codes supported in the email customizer plus

Here is the detailed list of short codes that are supported in the Email Customizer Plus plugin for personalization

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Short codes are the essence of the email builder as they are used as placeholders for dynamic data.

Example: {{}}  When used, this short code will be replaced with the actual Order ID in the email notification sent to the customer after he places an order.

Where to find all the short codes?

You can find it when you customise each template.

Click on the Shortcodes button :

You can see a popup showing all the available shortcodes. 

List of supported short codes

Below are the available list of short codes.

Billing Address
{{billing_address.formatted_address}} - To get billing address 

{{billing_address.first_name}} - To get billing first name

{{billing_address.last_name}} - To get billing last name 

{{}} - To get billing name 

{{}} - to get billing company 

{{}} - To get billing phone

{{billing_address.address1}} - To get billing address 1 

{{billing_address.address2}} - To get billing address 2 

{{}} - To get billing city 

{{billing_address.state}} - To get billing state

{{billing_address.province}} - To get billing province

{{}} - To get billing zip code 

{{}} - To get billing country Shipping Address

{{shipping_address.formatted_address}} - To get shipping address 

{{shipping_address.first_name}} - To get shipping first name 

{{shipping_address.last_name}} - To get shipping last name 

{{}} - To get shipping name

{{}} - To get shipping company 

{{shipping_address.address1}} - To get shipping address 1 

{{shipping_address.address2}} - To get shipping address 2 

{{}} - To get shipping city 

{{shipping_address.state}} - To get shipping state 

{{shipping_address.province}} - To get shipping province 

{{}} - To get shipping zip code 

{{}} - To get shipping country

{{shipping_method.title}} - To get shipping method title 

{{shipping_method.price}} - To get shipping price 

Shop Details
{{}} - To get shop name

{{}} - To get shop E-Mail 

{{shop.url}} - To get shop URL

{{shop.address1}} - To get shop address 1 

{{shop.address2}} - To get shop address 2 

{{}} - To get shop city

{{}} - To get shop zip code 

Order Details
{{id}} - to get order id 

{{email}} - To get order E-Mail 

{{order_number}} - To get order number

{{item_count}} - To get total item count

{{last_note}} - To get last note

{{landing_site}} - To get landing site URL 

{{note}} - To get note

{{order_status_url}} - To get order status URL 

{{order_status_link}} - To get order status link 

{{subtotal_price}} - To get order sub-total 

{{total_price}} - To get order total

{{created_at}} - To get order created date 

{{}} - To get order id

{{order.fee}} - To get order fee 

{{order.refund}} - To get order refund 

{{order.url}} - To get order url 

{{order.cart}} - To get order cart details 

{{order.customer_provided_note}} - To get customer provided note 

Payment Details
{{payment_method}} - To get order payment method

{{payment_url}} - To get payment URL 

{{payment_transaction_id}} - To get order transaction id
Reset Password
{{customer.password_reset_url}} - To get customer name 

New User
{{customer.password}} - To get customer name
{{customer.activation_url}} - To get customer E-Mail 

Customer Details
{{}} - To get customer name
{{}} - To get customer 

E-Mail Social media Short codes
{{facebook}} - Facebook URL from settings
{{twitter}} - Twitter URL from settings
{{instagram}} - Instagram URL from settings
{{linkedin}} - Linkedin URL from settings
{{pinterest}} - Pintrest URL from settings 

Additional Short codes
{{wec_next_order_coupon_code}} - Display next order coupon code
{{wec_next_order_coupon}} - Display next order coupon code with E-mail tracking
{{wec_next_order_coupon_value}} - Display next order coupon value
{{woo_mb_site_url_link_with_coupon}} - Next order coupon auto apply URL
{{retainful_coupon_expiry_date}} - Next order coupon expiry date

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