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Example Upsell Offers
Offering a 40% discount on Airpod when customers purchase iPhone).
Offering a 40% discount on Airpod when customers purchase iPhone).

Learn how to create Post-purchase campaign using WooCommerce Checkout Upsell and set 40% discount on Airpods when customer purchase iPhone

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In this scenario, when the customer adds an iPhone to the cart then they have a discount of 40% on the offer page.

This user guide explains how to create a Post-purchase Campaign using Checkout Upsell for WooCommerce.

Please note that before proceeding, you must have installed and activated the Checkout Upsell. It is important to note that this feature requires the PRO version.

Creating an offer:

  • Go to WordPress dashboard -> Checkout Upsell -> Create new campaign -> choose “Post-purchase”.

  • Click on the button “Add offer”.

Here is the screenshot of the offer configuration that follows,

Detail of configurations are:

Step 1: Choose the offer product (AirPods) which you want to display in the offer page by typing a few characters of the product name and set a quantity for the selected offer product or adjust the quantity based on your requirement.

Step 2: Choose the “Discount Type” as Percentage and set the value as 40%. You also have the option to choose other discount types as fixed discount, free and No discount.

Step 3: You have successfully created a offer, click on the button “Add offer”

Step 4: Now choose the “Conditions” as “Products in order” You also have the option to choose other conditions.

Step 5: Choose the condition product (iPhone) When a customer purchases an iPhone, they are given the option to buy AirPods on the offer page.

Step 6: Once you are successfully created a campaign click Save and Close.

Other details shown in the below screenshot are (optional):

Overall usage limit: The "Overall usage limit" refers to a maximum number of times an offer can be used by all customers in whole. Something like early-bird offers for the first 5 users or 10 users.

For example, if the limit is 100, the offer can only be applied to a total of 100 orders, regardless of the number of customers. Once the limit is reached, the offer will get disabled automatically.

Usage limit per customer: The “Usage limit per customer” refers to a restriction on the number of times a specific upsell offer can be claimed by an individual customer. It sets a maximum limit on the usage of the upsell for each customer.

For example: If the usage limit per customer is set to 3, it means that each customer can only claim the offer up to a maximum of 3 times. Once a customer has claimed the offer 3 times, they will no longer be able to avail the offer.

Now, we have successfully created a campaign.

Let's see how it works on the offer page.

Now the offered product has been successfully displayed in our offer page. Please ensure to click “Add offer to my order” to avail the offered product, or click “skip offer” to skip the offer.

Some of the above discussed scenarios requires PRO

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