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When a customer wants to buy Laptop, display mouse as Frequently bought together
When a customer wants to buy Laptop, display mouse as Frequently bought together

Learn how to create Frequently bought together campaign using WooCommerce Checkout Upsell

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In this scenario, when a customer wants to buy a laptop, display them other items that are often bought with Laptop on the product page.

This user guide explains how to create a Post-purchase Campaign using Checkout Upsell for WooCommerce.

Please note that before proceeding, you must have installed and activated the Checkout Upsell. It is important to note that this feature requires the PRO version.

Creating an offer:

  • Go to WordPress dashboard -> Checkout Upsell -> Create new campaign -> choose “Frequently bought together”

  • Choose Specific product and click on the button “Add filter”

  • Selecting "Custom products" gives you the ability to manually assign the related products.

Here is the screenshot of the filters and product suggestion method configuration that follows,

Detail of configurations are:

Step 1: Choose “All Products” in the filters and select the “Custom product” in the product suggestion method for the campaign. After updating these settings, you need to choose the frequently bought products manually when you create or edit the product.

Step 2: Now click “Save and close” the campaign

Step 3: Now there is option to set Frequently bought together products in the back-end,there you can add the frequently bought together products

Here is the screenshot of the adding Frequently bought together configuration that follows,

Now, we have successfully created an offer,

Let's see how it works on the product page.

Now the created campaign has been successfully and displayed in our product page.By clicking “Add all three to cart” you can avail all two products by one click.

Some of the above discussed scenarios requires PRO

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