Subtotal based Limit discounts
Learn how to create cap / limit the discounts using Woo Discount rules
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Frequently Asked scenario:

Provide a storewide discount of 10% to products up to 250$.

Let us see, how to cap the discount. This scenario is only possible when the discount is given on a subtotal basis.

You will have to create, 2 discount rules for the same: One with a percentage discount and one for the Maximum discount of 250$.
 This has to be created with a Subtotal as a condition.

You can create this through Cart adjustment rule for a Fixed value discount.

In rule 1=>

Use 10% discount until the subtotal is 2500 ( subtotal less than - 2500).

Condition/Rule tab: Here you will choose "Subtotal Less than" so that you can provide 10% discount until the cart subtotal reaches 2500.

Rule 2 to limit the discount:

In rule 2=> When subtotal atleast -> 2500 and above provide a Fixed 250$ price discount.

NOTE: You can include the coupon code in both these discount rules. 

Here you can set up a Fixed Price Discount.
So, even if the cart reaches 5000, the discount remains the same.

Let's Check out the Cart applied with discounts for less that 2500 and above 2500$

Cart 1:

Cart 2:

Fixed price applied. So the discount will not increase.

If you are creating only a subtotal based discount you can have it without a coupon with the free version.


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