Apart from the discounts that you have set through the adjustment types, you can provide additional conditions to your rules which will be checked before applying the discount.

You can either add one or more than one condition to your discount rules with the below options.
Also, choose how these conditions should work with AND or OR operation when using more than one condition in a rule

Here are the discount Conditions:

  • Subtotal

If you want to add a cart condition of allowing the discount to be applied only when the subtotal condition is at least $100

  • Coupon

Make use of this condition if you want to activate the discount rule only when you are trying to activate the discount rule only when a coupon code is added:


  • Email domain -> eg: TLD and domain names to which the discount should apply.

  • User -> Provide the user's list to which the discount applies.

  • Is logged in -> use this to provide discounts only when the user is logged in to his account.

  • User role -> Use WordPress User roles to which the discount applies.


These discounts will be reflected in the checkout after the address is entered.

The shipping address-based condition includes the following.

  • Shipping Country,

  • Shipping State,

  • Shipping city and Zipcodes

Category Combination:

These discounts get applied only to get discounts only when each Category A+ B + C is in the cart.

For Example: Buy 1 product from Category A + 1 product from Category B + 1 product from Category C give a 10% discount in the cart.

Example Screenshot :

Product Combination

This popular discount scenario is useful to apply the discount when each of Product A + B + C is in cart.

Example: Buy each Cap + Belt + Sunglasses to get a discount on all those products.

Here is an example screenshot :

Cart items quantity:
With this, you can add a condition for cart quantities together.
For Example: Activating the discount only when the cart has 10 or more quantities.

Cart line items count

Add a condition to check the line item numbers of the cart to apply the discount.

Date and time:

Provide discounts based on certain dates or times. Also, you can set discount on specific days like only on Mondays, Sundays using these conditions.

Cart Items:

  • Attributes -> Add Default woocommerce Attributes as a condition with this option

  • Categories -> With this you can add a category condition

  • SKU -> Specific SKUs

  • Product Tags -> Check the product tags to provide a discount.

  • Products -> Select mandatory products to be in cart to apply a discount.

  • Total weight -> Provide discounts based on the total weight of the products in the cart.

  • Payment method -> These discounts will apply only in the checkout after choosing the payment method.

Purchase History:

Check the purchase history of the user based on the following conditions before providing discounts:

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