Navigate to Woocommerce --> Email Customiser Plus --> Customiser Tab.
You can the copy template button in all the customised emails.

Let's learn how to use copy template option with an example :

You have Customized Template for English Language. You want it to copy to another language say spanish templates from English language.

Once the template is customised, click on Copy button.

Choose the language and email template to which it should be copied.
Let's say, I want to the same to be replicated in Español's New order email template.

Click on Copy button.
You can see the message indicating that the template is copied successfully.

Now, if you wish to go to the template, you can click on "Go to copied template".

Clicking on Go to copied template, will redirect you to Español's New order email template.

Note :

  • The copied template (in our case, Español's new order email) will be by default, set to disabled.

  • You can check and make changes if any, and then enable the email template. 

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