How to provide first order discount? - 2.0
Learn how to provide first order discount in your WooCommerce store
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Pre-requisites / Requirements:

This is a special type of discount scenario. Because it only applies to first-timers. So the system has to identify whether the visitor is a first time customer.

The scenario requires validating the below points:
- whether the visitor is a returning customer or a first time visitor.

- And we need to check the purchase history to ensure he has no orders placed previously.

- To establish the above facts, we need the visitor to either provide an email at the checkout or register or log in (Only based on his email or account, we can validate whether he is first timer or returning customer)

When a visitor comes to your site, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY of knowing whether he is

  • A first-time visitor

  • A returning customer

The ONLY way to establish and validate whether he is a first-timer or a returning customer is "when he provides his email at checkout or logs in or registers"

Only then, we can

  • check his email against the orders in the system.

  • If no orders made from that email, he is first time customer. - eligible for discount

  • if there are orders from that email, he is a returning customer - not eligible for discount

As a result, this discount scenario can only be run:

  1. When a customer enters his email at checkout

  2. (or) logs in

  3. (or) registers

As a result, the scenario will show the discount only after the customer logs in or registers or provides an email at the checkout. Not before that because we may know who the visitor is (a returning customer or a first-timer)

How to create a Discount for First Time Customers / New Customers

Woo Discount Rules offer first-order discounts in the easiest way.

Example: $50 discount on cart total for the first order.

Here is the rule set up:

Go to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules.
Click Add New Rule.

Since my discount scenario is flat $50 off in a cart, I am choosing Cart Adjustment as my discount type.

Now let's say if you want to provide a Product for free on their first time order.
Such type of discount is possible using the Buy X get Y product Adjustment.

Example: Provide a free cap on their first order.

Similar way, you can choose any discount type according to your discount scenario.


  • The plugin checks the condition based on the email address.

  • For guest users, the discounts will be applied in checkout only after entering the email address.


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