There are 3 sections here:

  • Enable / hide discount table

  • Customize discount table

  • Showing discounted price

What is the discount table?
The discount table will show the available discounts for that product in a table view.

This discount table will be shown only for the following Discount Types

* Bulk Adjustment Type
* Set Discount Type

How to "enable" discount table?

Go to Woo Discount Rules -> Settings --> Show Discount table --> Yes.

What if I just want to hide the "Title" column?

In the same settings page, you can click on the Customise Discount table and you can see a table where you can choose to hide the title column.
All you need to do is uncheck the checkbox for the title column.

How to customize the discount table?

You may want to change or translate or customize the look and feel of the discount table that shows up on the product pages.

You can choose to change the texts by directly adding the content.

Want to show Discounted price display in the Discount table?

You can just choose the Discounted Price from the settings.

Here is a screenshot of the product page:

How to further customize the discount table?

This can be done by creating a simple override at your theme level

NOTE: You will have to use an FTP client or the File Manager in your cPanel to carry out this change.





Edit /wp-content/themes/<YOUR_THEME_FOLDER>/advanced_woo_discount_rules/discount_table.php.

You can change the HTML and the PHP code (not a lot of it) there and customize the display.

Note :

  • This discount table will be shown only for Bulk/Set Adjustment discount Types.

What's next?

Frequently asked questions:

1. Is it possible to display discount table in shop/ category pages ?

Yes, it is possible. We have events to load the discount table manually through code.

You can use the below event to manually load the discount table where you want to display :

* Please make sure we are passing the param $product -> Product object.
do_action('advanced_woo_discount_rules_load_discount_table', $product);

2. Are you trying to show only minimum range in discount table ?

For example:

You can use this below code:

Copy this above code and paste it in the following path:


Note: Initially, we might not have this folder "advanced_woo_discount_rules" in your current theme path -> /wp-content/themes/<YOUR_THEME_FOLDER>

So you have a create a folder with name: advanced_woo_discount_rules and in this folder create a file with name: discount_table.php

Now, in this file (discount_table.php) copy and paste the above code. So that only minimum range from discount table will be shown, as like above screenshot.


Still Unclear?
Please submit a support request.
We are always happy to assist you :)

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