Bulk purchase discounts are a very common discount scenario in most online stores.

A typical scenario is:

  • Buy 6 quantity of any products in the store, get 5% discount

  • Buy 12 quantity, get 10% discount

  • Buy 18 quantity, get 15% discount

A scenario that is specific to category

  • Buy any 6 quantity from Category A, get 10% discount; Buy any 12 quantity from Category A, then get 20% discount   - Essentially a category specific discount

 Another scenario specific to a Product:

  • Buy 6 quantity of Product A, get 10%; Buy 12 quantity of Product A, get 20%

Similarly, it is possible to create Bulk discount for all the Filters available with our plugin.

Let us take one scenario of Category "Accessories".

-> Buy 6 to 10 quantities of category A get 5% discount
-> Buy 11 to 15 quantities get 10% discount.
-> Buy 16 to 20 quantities  get 15% discount.
-> 21 or more quantities get 20% discount.

Navigate to Woocommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Add New Rule.

After Entering into the rule page, just add the rule name and you can select the Simple Discount Type "Bulk Discounts" from the Drop-down "Select Discount Type" 

Rule Set up for the above scenario:

In Filter option select the Category in list "Accessories".

Product page of the Category:

Cart page screenshot:

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