Are you trying to provide different discounts with a Unique Coupon code ?

Well, it is so simple to create a coupon code based discount that applies different discounts based on the categories.

Create a Single Coupon code which applies the different discount on different categories on your store.

Example Scenario:

Coupon code "DISCOUNT2020":

  • 10% discount on Category "Accessories"

  • 25% discount on Category "Soaps"

  • 15% discount on Category "Utensils"

Let's see how to configure this through Discount Rules plugin :

Create First Rules for Category "Accessories"

Go to Discount Rules -> Add New Rule

You can use the Coupon condition in the Rules (Optional).

Similarly, create rules with the same coupon code name for other categories:

  • 25% discount on Category "Soaps"

15% discount on Category "Utensils"

Cart page screenshot with all discounts applied with the same coupon code:


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