Provide different discounts to different products on your store.

Discount types:

  • Percentage of discounts.

  • Fixed price discounts.

  • Fixed price per item.

Let us see, how to create Simple discounts using Advanced Discount rules plugin.

Navigate to Woocommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Add New Rule.

After Entering into the rule page, just add the rule name and you can select the Simple Discount Type "Product Adjustment" from the Drop-down "Select Discount Type"

Product Adjustment type is to provide a Straight forward discounts.

Example 1: 10% discount on Backpack

This will apply to any number of backpacks added to cart.

Variable product

Example 2: $2 discount on T-shirt Variable product

Just enter the main product so, the discount will be applied to each of the variants

Here is the cart page:

NOTE: You can also, apply discount to specific variants alone by selecting only the variant instead of the main product.

Bulk Discount

Example 3: Buy 2 - 5 of Coffee cups 10% discount, 6 or above gets 20% discount.

For quantity-based discounts, you will have to choose the Bulk discounts type.

Cart page:

When 2 quantities:

When 5+ quantities


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